Lost Megalithic Civilization: Where to Find Their Remnants?

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A possible lost civilization which might have created the world wide megalithic structures?
The impressive and mysterious megalithic sites have bewildered modern engineers and architects. Even with current construction methods and today’s mining and excavation machinery, we cannot easily explain how and why some of these massive sites were created. I have consulted with and received feedback from stonemasons and experts in construction on these markings. They confirmed that these were not the work of manual labor and in fact share uncanny similarities with today’s large scale machines.

In my last video (https://youtu.be/u4V_ZQukWEU), I proposed that about 20 to 30 thousand years ago, there might have existed an advanced civilization potentially more sophisticated than ours. This culture flourished possibly for tens of thousands of years; but it eventually broke down and collapsed into the sands of time. My hypothesis is based on the human average cranial size changes, Homo sapiens migration timeline, studies on human population replacements and bottleneck, all of which coincided with a catastrophic millennia long drought. If you haven’t watched that video, I highly recommend you to check it out.

Now, moving forward. If there was an advanced civilization with machine technology in the distant past, why haven’t we found traces or remnants of its artifacts, tools or machinery? Here we have a dilemma. On the one hand we see these fantastic stone structures and caves that are clear signs of ancient high tech. On the other hand instead of finding evidence of ancient high tech we have many Paleolithic sites with stone tools and bone instruments. Does this mean all the many people living through the Paleolithic era were primitive and had nothing to do with the megalithic sites? Maybe not. We have to consider the strong possibility that an advanced civilization co-existed with primitive ones; like modern countries have co-existed with the Amazonian tribes, the Australian aborigines and other indigenous people around the world. What if the Paleolithic settlements with stone tools only represented a portion of Paleolithic society and not the full picture? What if we are not searching for clues of the lost advanced civilization in the right places?

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This is my YouTube Channel “Curious Being.” I have many diverse and interesting topics to share, such as Lost Ancient Human Civilizations, Megalithic Sites, and other related fascinating studies. History vs. Mystery revealed! Thank you for watching.

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  1. @zbigniewloboda3393


    The creators of megalithic structures likely did not reside in the vicinity of these sites. Contact between less advanced people and higher civilizations often leads to the decline and demise of the more primitive society. The evidence today suggests that to preserve more primitive cultures, designated areas must be established. However, when these designated areas are located close to more advanced societies, they often devolve into ghettos. Maintaining such ghettos requires significant funding to prevent economic collapse.

  2. @zbigniewloboda3393


    If modern civilization were to collapse today, it is unlikely that anything would endure 10,000 years from now. The construction of megalithic sites likely occurred during periods of much more advanced civilizations than our own. These ancient societies were likely cognizant of the cyclical nature of human-produced civilizations. Humans are likely creatures who cyclically create civilizations. While we are just beginning to grasp this concept, those who built the megalithic sites were undoubtedly well aware of the nature of humanity.

  3. @zbigniewloboda3393


    The surviving megalithic sites may have been constructed by their builders with a keen understanding of the processes necessary for preservation. It is probable that the builders did not intend these sites for immediate use. Instead, their motivation likely revolved around communicating with distant future primitive societies. Thus, when examining megalithic sites, we should view them primarily as a method of communication rather than for utilitarian purposes.

  4. @zbigniewloboda3393


    The loss of knowledge is highly improbable. Advanced societies have a vested interest in recording knowledge. Consequently, our lack of ancestral knowledge is likely due to our predecessors' inability to comprehend the communication methods utilized in these records.

  5. @zbigniewloboda3393

    We lack evidence of an advanced civilization. The logical conclusion is that those who kept pace with progress persisted. Over time, what remained on Earth evolved and improved until reaching the present stage of development. From this point onward, humanity diverged. Some advanced and thrived, while others regressed towards primitiveness. As human society grew, the need to preserve the lives of others arose. Thus, advanced individuals cared for those who could not keep up until they were self-sufficient. Subsequently, those left behind regressed to a state determined by their environment. However, once they reached the nadir, they began to lift themselves up again.

  6. @zbigniewloboda3393

    In modern society, those who maintain communication skills and adapt to social advancements will comprise the population.

    If primitive societies coexisted with highly advanced societies, it is likely that the primitive societies inhabited natural reserve areas. Observing today's modern first-world society, there is a growing concern that the reliance on automated speech-to-formal English translators is leading to a decline in the ability to read and write. From the perspective of someone residing in an English-speaking country, this trend is alarming. With the rapid loss of the ability to communicate directly with each other due to the prevalence of communication machines in modern society, it may not be long before ordinary members of society are compelled to establish special living regions where the skills associated with modern communication are unnecessary.

  7. @zbigniewloboda3393

    The author of this presentation explores the needs of very primitive societies in the context of artifacts produced by societies unrelated to primitive ones. We lack evidence of advanced societies, likely due to our inability to interpret available evidence. All we know is that megalithic evidence exists and couldn't have been produced by the primitive societies we know of. Therefore, a logical conclusion is that someone or something built these megalithic sites. In my opinion, humanity's understanding of these unknown builders will likely improve once we inhabit more than one planet.

  8. @wrdennig

    This notion reminds me of James Michener's "The Source", wherein he describes the excavation of Tel Makor, exposing several layers of occupation over a very long period of time. Even today, modern construction excavations uncover artifacts from several thousand years ago. What if some of those modern excavations went many meters lower? Would we find more ancient artifacts . . . perhaps some high-tech machinery?

  9. @drbobinski1

    There existed an ancient culture "perhaps more advanced than ours"? Even if an advanced culture existed in the neolithic age, these structures they left while perhaps "advanced" in their time, pale to today. Why is there such a fascination with Graham Hancock's vision of the past?

  10. @naughtseeingeye7767

    A country that finds an intact ancient machines might decide it's a national security issue & keep it secret

  11. @bertramklauke3951

    Good thinking. But still an advanced civilization is using a lot of tools small or very big, money like coins and writing. We found a lot of sites in modern times with sealed chambers. Nothing has been found so far. Its actually almost not possible to not find a single thing. Over such a long time people especially when they are advanced are traveling . We can have many theories and logic arguments. The problem is our own consciousness which through our mind can only see little bits and not the whole picture. But anyway I like your videos.

  12. @barnstormandy

    right on!

  13. @rented_mule8790

    The Hoover Dam through disarray and not being used what create new Grand Canyon

  14. @robertomagnani8091

    I suppose that ancient technological artifacts are still being found nowadays, but there is great secrecy. Powerful governments usually send their military forces to retrieve artifacts as fast as possible. This have happened in several occasions. Other times they don't need to deploy military, but they promote some people to be in charge of archaeological findings; general public or not assigned archaeologist are forbidden to be near by, until all retrievings end. We are the last to be informed, if any. They have found technological devices, they know that there were an ancient advanced civilization, they have all the proofs, they do not speak a word.

  15. @tponsres

    Eres un gran hallazgo !!!!!!
    Mi impresión hace años que es la misma !!!!!
    Que ocurrió en la llnur fluvial del amazonas ?
    Y…….es sugerente "el anecer de todo"……aunq se queda académico…
    Ánimo !!!!!

  16. @Adam-tn7yk

    Amazing research. Keep up the good work.

  17. @davidvomlehn4495

    Not surprising that there is a correlation between population density and megalithic sites. One obvious question is why North America seems an exception.

  18. @johannjohann6523

    I suggest checking the Human Genome Project, if you would like to learn where the "first man and woman" originated, and how and from where human migration occurred by "modern man", that has what you are looking for. By using human DNA and the characteristic of blue eyes scientists came up with the results. No imagination involved. 100% science. 100% cool.

  19. @thomvogan3397

    Our brains may have shrunk to 1350 cc but I believe yours is still at 1500, Absolutely brilliant

  20. @johnweaver4564

    I like that you do a lot of research and sometimes it will disappoint some people depending on their point of view. This is good. I have seen so many sides of the pyramids. Who, when, why, and how. With your capabilities, could you do a video on if the pyramids were ever built for tombs? Maybe some of them? Or maybe they were repurposed? So many things wrong about the pyramids being used for burial chambers, but many archaeologists and Egyptologists still insist that’s their purpose. Opened minded and educated people are always called fake or sudo archaeologists that have no clue. I think that masons, engineers and other educated people have a say in all this. Interpretation of history and translation of texts and any ancient language is extremely hard to do. A lot of lost history and technology regardless. Keep up the good work.


    i just saw this video mention channelled blocks under the paving stones at the great pyramid, i thought of your contained mining piles and a wast material dranege system 😊

  22. @josephabdilla1383

    Another great presentation. Thanks

  23. @bobjuniel8683

    It is not just brain size, it is also brain wiring. The development of sophisticated speech, writing and recording, libraries of knowledge to build on. Walking upright freed our hands as tools and for tool operation. This opens new brain pathways. Our tools improved over time and we learned why they worked better. Catching fish seems simple enough, but it developed as a science and an industry. Swimming led to using floating supports to boats, paddles, oars, sails, steam paddles and oil burners, and crane design.
    Memory is essential to cognitive thinking and linking pieces of knowledge is the essential web or matrix that allows us to synthesise and create new concepts.
    The brain of a magpie is the size of a human thumb, but it is at intelligent as a 3 year old child, some say older. Magpies lack our hand dexterity, but chose to have wings. Magpies without sex education, grow, learn to fly, learn to find food, find a mate, build their home, dance their mating ritual, defend their territory, and educate humans to feed them. They also mourn their dead.
    Brain size is a factor, but it is one distracting piece of the puzzle, popular because it fits the evolution theory that monkeys developed into humans, and that is a mis interpretation of the evolution theory.
    Intelligent humans have been on earth for millions of years. Currently believed to be 3 million years. We are also descended from Neanderthals and Denisovans as variants of Homo Sapiens. Neanderthals had larger brains than modern humans and were very intelligent.
    The original Australian's timeline of 65,000 years does not take into account the oral traditions of the Ab Original people. That pushes their time in Australia back to over 250,000 years. They are highly intelligent but their brain patterns reflect a life without European languages, and a life not built around modern issues and values. Their hunter gatherer existence gave them a LONG and HAPPY live with good food supplies, medicinal herbs and a sense of being at one with nature and the universe. No taxes, no bills, some minor squabbles, usually over women, but no major wars, until the white man came.
    The tools to measure intelligence are designed to identify modern university graduates. The game is rigged against the indigenous people of the world.

  24. @matshaller6163

    Thanks Tina! Super interesting and well thought through! One additional aspect, in Scandinavia where I live , Bronze Age tools and culture are to be found ( as this skills and objects were transferred from the Mediterranean area) but no refined megalithic structures are to be found. If this was the true achievements of Bronze Age cultures, I am sure some minor copies would be found also in Scandinavia. However if these structures are from earlier civilizations then the glaciers covering Scandinavia explains the lack of megalithic structures in this part of the world.

  25. @crashingstoans7907

    If there were advanced ancient civilizations they would have probably left behind massive garbage dumps like we do. That's what we will leave behind us.

  26. @OldGrandadMashup

    This is excellent! I wish more people were willing to think outside the box and ask questions! Much respect to what you are doing. Fast becoming my favourite channel

  27. @philoso377

    Modern concrete was in plastic state when it is being worked on. When set it is as hard as rock.

    The ancient monument builders also use some form of concrete also run like plaster being worked on gradually harden. During intermediate stage hardening wooden scraping tools may be use to shape it into a desired form. Hence the tool marks.

  28. @davidjohanson8964

    Maybe the builders of the megaliths came here from another world, and had to mine for the elements needed to get back. Once they had everything ready, they left, taking the machines with them.

  29. @DebraJFrank

    EXCELLENT Presentation!! 😉

  30. @julianbrowne5562

    Tina even if your intellect is way ahead your audio is beyond paleolithic.

  31. @johnlandis6430

    I am starting to doubt that we are cavemen.I think we are more likely to have live outside of caves then in caves.

  32. @larry3591

    You are awsome

  33. @ahmadali-xm9cl

    We know it's not humans who built megalithic stuff but in all relegious books it said that a pe Adam n eve Geny civilization ruled the world they could carry tons of rocks cut rocks w accuracy

  34. @dijdave8584

    Love your hypotheses, they are superior to the fairy tales presented by modern so called archaeological experts, just as megalithic constructs are superior to paleolithic ones.
    Wondered if you had seen Land of Chem, and if so what your opinion is?
    Best clip I've seen on the Land of Chem site was, if i remember her name right, Johanna James, worth a look…

  35. @rosscarnes1274

    I just discovered your videos. I'm sharing with other friends. Wish I had more funds to support your work. I'm 73yo and financially enslaved to the lack of health care in the USA!!

  36. @Michael-rg7mx

    The stone was created between 150 and 300 million years ago. Large mammals like humans have been found in the fossil record as far as 30 million years ago. Humans leave very poor fossils. The oldest is a half million year old finger. The vast majority of all fossils are just fragments of individual bones. So placing humans in the timeline is impossible. The stone structures could be as much as 30 million years old.

    We do know that the dozen or so ice ages suddenly began 2.4 million years ago. We don't know why or how, but it started all over the Earth at the same time and was brutal. A global civilization could have had a population in the billions. All over the construction ended suddenly. Half completed structures and stones left at the quarry. One of the known events is a comet or meteor impact that changed the environment. We do know that animals took control of the earth. The few scattered tribes of humans hid in caves. Many were isolated for so long that their skin and hair changed to meet their environment. This would take around a million years.

    That's why the global civilization called Babylon had to have been prior to the ice ages. Destroyed 2.4 million years ago. Scattering small tribes of nomads. Developing individual traits and languages. Coming out when another global catastrophe ended the ice ages about 13,000 years ago. Bringing the end of the Megafauna and the return of man.

    Much of the coastal areas were flooded by the rise in sea level. Whole continents were scrubbed by glaciers and 2 mile thick ice sheets. Destroying all evidence. Then, when the ice ages suddenly ended, it flooded huge areas, destroying more evidence. The small artifacts were used by the expanding new tribes. Many of the large stone structures were even claimed by lying kings as being built by them.

  37. @Canadiancromagnon

    Stepping back and looking at the likelihood of an advanced technologically sophisticated culture from deep time (30,000 bp) we may also surmise that they might still be here…..The evidences of advanced aerial, marine and near earth, space vehicles that defy our current knowledge base may be proof of their existence. Humans may be the "extraterrestrials" after all.